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An Oval Gear Flow Meter is a mechanical type of meter that works by the positive displacement principle. Oval Gear Meters are popular and cost-effective method to measure fuel and oil e.g. Diesel Fuel.   The term “Oval Gear” describes the shape of the pieces that are literally part of the rotor. There are two oval …


G004 Gear Flow Meter

Wastewater Flowmeters

A choice of flowmeter technologies to use on wastewater Full pipes we have solutions using Magnetic Flowmeters and Transit Time Ultrasonic Flowmeters  How Transit Time Ultrasonic Flowmeters Work? Doppler Flowmeters for difficult applications where solids and bubbles are present  Solutions for measuring water flow and wastewater flow in partially filled pipes Easily measure the flow …

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BTU Meters

BTU Meters   These systems are ideal for energy efficiency optimization in industrial sectors and buildings. EESIFLO™ offers a highly accurate, low cost and robust Energy Management Solution. The BTU (or Energy) Flow measurement systems can be readily configured for almost any size of pipe and are completely non-intrusive, since all the sensors are installed on …

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Oil Lubrication Flow Meters Model SRV - Upgrade block

Oil Lubrication Flow Meters Model SRV – Upgrade block

Oval gear meter upgrade block SRV is designed and developed for lubrication oil measurement in demanding industrial environments. The SRV is optimized for upgrading the existing KYTOLA® model V variable area flow meter. The upgrade is easy and cost-effective since it does not require any changes to the existing piping. The SRV Oval Gear Meter …

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