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Thermal Mass Flow Meter

If your process requires precision flow measurement of a liquid, gas, slurry or homogeneous solid, you can depend on Thermal Instrument. Since 1959, industry has learned to count on our extensive experience, proprietary engineering and high-quality control to deliver accuracy and reliability. Whether the challenge is highly corrosive chemicals, extreme pressures, high temperatures or abrasive compositions, the chances are we’ve already developed a flowmeter design for your process application. If not, our lab will be glad to work with a sample of your media to help develop one.


Thermal Instrument Model # 62-9 is a versatile flow measurement solution for both liquid and gas flows in larger pipe sizes, ventilation ducts, and stacks. The insertion probe style is adaptable to various line sizes and offers a variety of process connections… see more >>


Thermal Instrument was a pioneer of in-line flow meters. The unique design means the flow and temperature sensor are protected from passing fluids at all times. Our exclusive in-line gas flow meters and in-line liquid flow meters provide excellent accuracy and repeatability… see more >> 

Thermal Mass Flow Meters - 600-9 SAN

Thermal Instrument Mass Flow Meters have been used across many industries in a variety of liquid and gas applications. We introduced our unobstructed in-line model for sanitary, clean, and ultra-high pure applications in… see more >>

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