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SG Flowmeters Pte Ltd is ideally located in Singapore which is a maritime nation with hundreds of shipping lines and access to international ports worldwide.
Situated in the world’s busiest trans-shipment port and the top bunkering port in the world, ship owners, ship managers and ship repair companies enjoy the convenience of a local Singapore company who is ready to supply flow meters and instrumentation

Engine Performance Flow Measurement

Flow meters help operators find out how well their engine is working and whether or not adjustments or maintenance needs to be carried out.

Oval Gear Flow Meters

The Oval Gear Meter is a common sight in the marine industry. The meter is a precise positive displacement flowmeter incorporating a pair of oval geared rotors. The oval gear meter is does not depend on viscosity and density to measure accurately because it is a direct volume mechanical measurement without using inferential techniques. Well-designed oval gear meters maintain their accuracy and repeatability if looked after well.

The Oval Gear Mechanical Meters from SG Flowmeters Pte Ltd are offered in different types which give users a wider range of fluid viscosities. The meters are not only known to be accurate with good repeatability but are also economical. They do not cost as much as Coriolis flow meters and are easy to understand, maintain, repair or replace.

Why do many operators choose oval gear meters?

  • High accuracy
  • Low Pressure Drop
  • Works with pump flow and gravity fed flow
  • Low and high viscosity flow possible
  • Does not require upstream or downstream flow straighteners
  • Two moving parts
Typical Applications for Oval Gear

What kinds of liquids and applications are the meters good for?

  • Oil
  • Fuel
  • Batching Flow
  • Diesel Measurement
  • Bunker C Type Fuel Oil
  • Industrial Fluids such as additives
  • Non Opaque and Opaque Fluids
  • Chemicals and Chemical Feed Lines
  • Truck Metering e.g Diesel offload
  • Chemical Additive applications metering Injection pumps

How do we measure flow consumption? In order to measure the consumption of fuel, both the inlet and return must be measured to calculate the overall consumption as a total value in litres, gallons or other units. Since fuels expand, temperature measurement is installed and output to a flow computer by others.


SG Flowmeters Pte Ltd is proud of our long line of clients from the marine industry who value not only quality products and services but also local ability to provide services that help solve complex issues onboard vessels. When a ship is docking in port, the engineers and technicians will often be looking for specialized flow services. Very often we have sent our own technicians to conduct flow meter surveys and gather flow data on board the ship but we are also finding that many of the marine clients are sending people to us instead.

The marine industry is about service and because we have invested in our own facilities in Singapore, we are not just selling products but also able to invite shipping companies to inspect the flow meters we provide and even receive a short training course to build up their confidence in using the meter.

How do technicians benefit from flow meter training in the Marine Industry?

Of course, the technician could buy a flow meter and read a manual for themselves, but having an opportunity to actually become familiar with doing flow measurements at our Singapore facility will speed up the learning curve. There are not so many companies that offer this kind of service to their marine clients and we believe we stand out among the rest by the fact that we have invested in flow simulation equipment. These flow rigs are important for users because they can verify the flow measurements against a master meter that has been calibrated to ILAC standards.

Marine Technicians Testing our Flowmeters at our Premises

If you can send a technician to our facilities in Singapore, we will be happy to invite them to train on how to conduct portable flow measurements using our non-intrusive clamp on cross-correlation transit time flowmeters.

This short training sessions save costs for ship managers who would like their own technicians to be familiar with the flowmeters so that flow surveys can be conducted confidently by their own personnel or when our own technicians are fully booked.

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Thermal Mass Flow Meter


Ultrasonic Flow Meter


Magnetic Flow Meter

Flow Switch

Flow indicators and Flow Switches

Energy Meters

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