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Flow indicators and Flow Switches

The Spinner type flow indicator is the latest design of low cost, ‘entry level’ type of Flow Indicators. This robust indicator outperforms other spinner instruments by a considerable margin. When calibrated flow indicators are not needed, this single sided indicator will satisfy most requirements within pipe sizes 8mm to 40mm.


Flow indicators and Flow Swes 


Turbine Flow Meters

The Flow-Mon range of Turbine Flowmeters meet the demand of most liquid measurement applications. Consisting of three component assemblies, fitted

Spout & Flap

Spout & Flap

Flow-Mons Double Window Sight Glass Visual Indicators are ideal for observing fluid characteristics, (motion, flow and colour) during process conditions.

Bespoke Products

Bespoke Products

With our own factory based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire Flow-Mon is able to make bespoke Flow Monitors. These include but

Ball & Spinner

Ball & Spinner

When a Flow Monitor is not required but simple visual indication will be sufficient; these brilliant Sight Indicators are more

RHM Sensors

Thermal Mass Flow Meter


Ultrasonic Flow Meter


Magnetic Flow Meter

Flow Switch

Flow indicators and Flow Switches

Energy Meters

Wastewater Flowmeters

Positive-Displacement Flowmeters

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