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BTU Meters

BTU Meters

These systems are ideal for energy efficiency optimization in industrial sectors and buildings. EESIFLO™ offers a highly accurate, low cost and robust Energy Management Solution.

The BTU (or Energy) Flow measurement systems can be readily configured for almost any size of pipe and are completely non-intrusive, since all the sensors are installed on the outside of the pipes being measured.

Advantages over traditional type flowmeters are seen by the accuracy ,sensitivity and longevity of the meters since they are able to measure both high and low flow rates with the same accuracy, due to the fact that the transit time technology is not dependent on moving parts and frictional wear and tear.

BTU Meters

Using two additional clamp on temperature sensors (PT100) or customer temperature inputs , we are ready to establish the quantity of heat by a method known as the Differential Measurement Principle.

Our systems can calculate the heat flow by taking into account the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet ,the flow at the outlet of the system in conjunction with some other relevant properties of the medium (density and specific heat capacity).

The co-efficient, which the instrument needs to know, in order to measure the heat flow of various media are pre programmed into the flowmeter. In cases where the temperatures of inflow and/or outflow are known , or are constant during the whole measuring period, you may enter these fixed temperatures manually into the instrument.

In these instances, the temperature sensors need not be connected

the following information is available:

  • Volume flow
  • Heat flow
  • Flow velocity
  • Total flow volume or heat quantity (if total counting activated)
  • Temperature T1 (inlet temperature)
  • Temperature T2 (outlet temperature)
  • Temperature difference T1-T2

EESIFLO™ heat meters give the option of displaying two of these measured values (one in each line of the display) and of configuring the display readings according to your requirements.

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