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High Pressure Magnetic Flow Series

OEM High Pressure Magnetic Flow Meter Series



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Contrary to the belief that there are serious limitations for electromagnetic flow meters in high pressure conditions, this is immediately dispelled by our high pressure magnetic flow meter. The meter has been  designed to measure the flow rates of conductive liquids. Pressure in most cases is now not an issue at all with design allowing it to be  used in applications with pressures in excess of 6000 psig /414 bar

Line sizes ranging from 0.25” to 8″ in any common type of connection regime such as ANSI, DIN, and JIS-type flanges. The electronics can be mounted directly on the mechanicals or  remotely. The electrical supply is  110-220 VAC or 17-26 VDC

Some of the typical applications are fluid injection and also as an option for  mining applications facing issues with more common equipment unable to withstand higher pressures.

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We will require the following information

  1. Type of Fluid
  2. Expected Flow range
  3. Temperature ranges
  4. Maximum pressure
  5. Connection type
  6. Local or remote type (distance from meter required for remote option)
  7. Output signals required
  8. Communication e.g HART/Modbus
  9. Is private labelling required?
  10. Number of units and delivery expectations


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