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Magnetic Flow Meter

A range of high quality economically prices magnetic flowmeters for water and wastewater applications and fluids which are conductive. We provide the magnetic flow meter and a calibration certificate from an ILAC certified calibration house. A Magnetic Flow Meters measure volumetric flow rate and are popular where very low maintenance is required. Operators can simply order a magnetic flow meter, install it and forget about it.  

What is a magnetic flow meter?

A magnetic flowmeter is commonly called a Magmeter. This flow meter principle exploits Faraday’s law . A voltage is picked up which is proportional to the average flow velocity. The following video presentation shows how the electrodes and coils play their part in the measurement.

Magnetic Flow Meter



MAGNETIC FLOW METER MAG Series is a high-quality Magnetic Flow Meter that measures volumetric range. Our magnetic flowmeter is designed to

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Magnetic Flow Meter

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